Cucumber Ace Attorney game!

What is this? It’s a Cucumber Quest fan game in the style of the Ace Attorney series illustrated by HelloWinter and written and programmed by myself (Smooglii), with a little help from some others including SomethingAwful forums user LordAndrew.

It’s more or less the length of an average first case in the Ace Attorney series. Click the screen or use the space bar to advance text, double-click evidence to present it.

The game does trip firewalls because it technically accesses the Internet when it is launched, but don’t worry; it’s not required (if you run it without a connection you can click “no” on a prompt and it will work) and nothing is being collected. The reason is that it is made in BYOND, an engine designed for multiplayer games and probably one of the least efficient things that this could have been made in. But hey, it was fun!

Download the DS resolution-size version here or the double-size version here!